A deliberate hiatus (for once)

I am off on holiday soon so I thought I would take the chance to move my platform. I will likely still use this for links to the new one but all content will start there and then be shared. Where is that you say? Well it will be here:  http://sculptingpaintingandgaming.com/ I will return! Until […]

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Returning to the circus

That was about the nearest I could get to a Sealion pun and it has nothing to do with what I will discuss. Sealions? That is because Operation Sealion is the new theatre book from Warlord Games for Bolt Action. Operation Sealion (Unternehmen Seelöwe in German) was the codename for the planned German Invasion of the […]

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Getting back on the horse

After moving, a holiday and some injuries I’m finally starting to get some hobby done again, including coming back to this after neglecting it for far too long.  I now have a better space for working on my hoby which is nice and I might even get my airbrush skills to a point where it’s […]

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Ghar Jim lad

Totally forgot to do this on Thursday, mainly due to going for a walk and going to the gym. This trying to be fitter malarkey is playing havoc with my memory from what I can remember anyway. What comes next is my review of four, yes four, of the Ghar blister packs. The Ghar are […]

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