The end of the grand melee

View this post on Instagram Final game against Sergey who made the journey from Western Ukraine. Hard fought, close defeat. Great games over the weekend though. Really enjoyed myself. #saga #grandmelee A post shared by Dom Sore (@domiogeordio) on Nov 3, 2019 at 7:32am PST

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Father son gaming

View this post on Instagram Tonight saw me introduce the eldest to the joys of Bolt Action. Just infantry and a weapon team each. Each weapon team being an MMG to keep it simple, 3 7 man squads just with rifles, and a 2LT each. So his first shot takes out my MMG and then […]

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Scottish Nationals 2019 Day 2

View this post on Instagram Now is the recovery day after two days in Stirling at the Bolt Action Scottish Nationals. I'm happy to report that I returned victorious. Day 1 saw three victories and the likelihood I was top of the tree. Day 2 would see the final 2 games determine where I end […]

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Up the Union

View this post on Instagram Little bit of Fire and Fury at the club tonight. Always a fun game, one I always want to play more of but never get round to it. #domsdodgydice #SPG #warmongers #gaminglife #acw A post shared by Dom Sore (@domiogeordio) on Sep 10, 2019 at 1:25pm PDT

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Cycling and history

View this post on Instagram Sat here having my lunch and thinking what games I could base on the history of the castle. As you do. Maybe something around the Baron"s Wars that a certain kickstarter might cover soon… What say you @andyhobdaywarhost #domsdodgydice #SPG #warmongers #gaminglife #medieval #cycling A post shared by Dom Sore […]

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Cemetery arrives

View this post on Instagram Table set for Lewis' visit for Scottish Nationals practice. Also showing is a new cemetery set to be painted up. @AinstyCastings providing the base equipment for me to paint. Got a few more of these pieces that I can expand it with, it'll go really nicely with the Terrains4Games church […]

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